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VIZIO SmartCast is the official companion app for VIZIO TV devices. If your home TV is made by VIZIO, you can enhance your experience with this app. Use it as a remote, adjust your TV with it, launch and arrange apps on your TV, and do much more! It’s recommended to download VIZIO SmartCast as soon as you install your new VIZIO.

A Smaller TV Screen!

VIZIO is known for manufacturing and selling Smart TVs very popular in the US. These TV sets are smart TVs running VIZIO’s own proprietary OS. Not being as popular as ones by Google, Apple, or Roku, this platform still has its perks: good performance, many original apps, easy interface, and so on.

It becomes even better if you use your iPhone or Android device as a remote. With this app, you can power it on or off, switch channels, control volume, and do all the routine operations you use your remote for. It’s especially useful if your original remote suddenly gets lost or damaged. The app follows the layout of the hardware remote.

As for picture settings and adjustments, the app is also a great tool. It has access to parameters like ratio, brightness, contrast, saturation, and so on. Adjusting them with a phone is way easier.

If you actively use your TV’s smart functions, this app is just irreplaceable. With it, you can see the apps installed on your TV and those available for installation, install or delete them, or launch with a tap. You can group apps, mark them as favorites, navigate with simple swipes, and so on. For a built-in search you can use the virtual keyboard on your phone instead of letter-hunting with the remote.

Last but not least: with this app, you can control audio devices by VIZIO as well as TV sets. The app has native support of VIZIO speakers and soundbars. So if you just want to listen to the music from your phone, without turning on the TV, VIZIO SmartCast download is also helpful.

Alas, this complexity and rich functionality have their downsides. You should be careful with VIZIO and wait a bit before updating the app when the new version arrives. If the reviews are positive, then update. Otherwise, you risk losing the functionality because of bugs that happen too often.

A Must for VIZIO Owners

The manufacturer advertises this app as a selling point. And indeed, there is rarely a TV platform with such a functional companion app. It’s a keyboard, mouse and a remote at the same time. But, as perfect as its concept gets, in practice, it’s quite unstable. If your version works well, don’t rush in with updates. If not, pray that the next version will fix more bugs than add new ones.


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store