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SHAZAM is one of the most popular apps for recognizing the music you hear, now owned and run by Apple. Record a fragment, wait until the app sends it out to recognize, and get the result. You can install SHAZAM for free for iOS and Android and integrate it with your players and other apps.

No Music Shall Remain Secret

Back in the XX century, one could hear a song on the radio, and if the name wasn’t articulated right, this track could take decades to recognize and purchase. Now we have SHAZAM! When the song is playing and you want to know the name, just run the app and tap the icon in the center of the screen.

It takes several seconds for the app to record a fragment of the song and send it to the cloud for analysis and recognition. Due to efficient compression, it won’t take much of your data. If the song has been catalogized, it takes a few seconds more to deliver you the answer.

Some SHAZAM features may seem supernatural. It can even recognize the track when it plays in the club, its speed or pitch being changed by the DJ. Its database has both worldwide hits and local scenes, classical music and club remixes, and even bootlegs. The delivered result includes more than just the name: if it’s a remix or a live performance, you will know the remix version or the live release name.  

SHAZAM is well integrated with smartwatches. You don’t have to take out your phone and lose precious seconds: just run the app on your watch and let it listen. The app is available on Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, and many devices running Wear OS. Yes, you can even start Shazam on your smartwatch with Siri, Google Assistant, or Bixby (if it isn’t too noisy around). Alas, there is no Shazam app for Garmin devices so far.

Last but not least: when Shazam recognizes the song, it provides you with links, so you can read its lyrics along, purchase the track on YouTube Music or Apple Music, or just watch a video on YouTube. It also recommends you other tracks by the same author or similar ones. The service itself is completely free, and even the ads it shows are mostly highly relevant. Though Shazam is not the only music recognition service, it’s arguably the best.

For All Music Fans

The app is available for most platforms in use now, including Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, plus companion devices like smartwatches. It’s completely free, and if you like music even a little bit, it’s a complete must. Unless you want to revisit the feeling of the 1990s when you finally catch the song you’ve been after for years.


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store