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Parkmobile is the app that lets you reserve parking space in advance, prolong your parking time, make payments right within the app, and see if there is any parking where you want it. It works all across the U.S. If you install Parkmobile, it will make your car travels way easier.

No More Parking Issues

The primary function of this app is finding parking places for your car where you want to stay. In fact, it’s the analog of that lets you find where to drop your body when visiting other towns. With Parkmobile, you do the same service to your car. To find the place, you can use an integrated map or search by name. For each listed parking, it shows its location, pricing, amenities, and current status to know whether it can be reserved.

You can, though, use the app right on the spot as well. As you park in an available place, you just need to let the app detect your location or enter the zone number manually. Then the app lets you register your stay and make the payment for the time you need.

You can set a reminder to know when it’s time to leave. But if you suddenly need to stay a bit longer, you can extend your prepaid parking time and pay for extra time right from the app. You won’t have to leave your car if you’re in it or approach the parking space if you’re away.

The Active section shows you the current parking status, with location, time passed, and time remaining. Later, if you need to report or recollect where and when you have been, you can look at the History section. It stores your parking records, with date and time, location, pricing, and other data.

Parkmobile collaborates with parking spaces in over 350 American cities, from New York to San Francisco, and 3000+ smaller locations. The list constantly expands, so tomorrow it will cover new spots where you can reserve your parking.

No wonder authorities and businesses that partner with Parkmobile want to promote their offers, and this is probably the major issue. The ads get too annoying and distracting, especially when you’re driving. And turning notifications off puts you at risk of missing the time your session expires.

For Those Planning and Acting

First plan, then go. When you ride with the notion that you will certainly have a spot to park your car at, it will let you focus on the business you’re doing, without unnecessary distraction. The app is available for Android and iOS; as for your car, its model doesn’t matter, as the app doesn’t work with it directly.


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store