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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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Netflix is the official app of the famous streaming video service. If you want to watch shows or movies on Netflix, this app is a must. It only takes a subscription and an Internet connection to make your phone or tablet a portable cinema!  

Video Store at Your Fingertips

The way Netflix looks is quite a standard for today. It shows you rows of videos, looking like live folders with video tapes or discs. Tap the cover, and you’ll see the information about the title: its original name, length, genre, cast, review, the official trailer, and so on. If this is a season of a show, you’ll see the number of episodes, the average length, and the Batch View option. With it, you can add the entire season to your plans and watch in one night.

The more you watch on Netflix, the better its recommendations get. The AI compares your preferences to those of other watchers and predicts which movies and shows you will also like. If your subscription covers more than one user, with their own preferences, the recommendations will be generated separately for each member.

The player is rather basic, but it does the job with its Play button, search buttons, and the navigation bar. If your connection is good, the player treats streams like local videos. You may cache movies or episodes to watch them later when offline; then there’ll be no delays or freezes at all. You’re only limited by available memory.

As for movies and shows, the selection is extremely rich. Netflix distributes content by other channels and produces its own shows and movies. Some of them are meant for families or kids, others are strictly adult. It makes its shows in collaboration with studios from different countries, so there’s always something curious.

Limitations can be caused by your plan or your location. If you select the cheapest plan, you’ll only be able to watch videos in standard definition, on one device at a time. The only way to fix it is switching plans. Other restrictions may be caused by your location: not all the movies and shows are available worldwide. You may need to use VPN to unlock certain content.

No Room for Doubt

There is no alternative app for Netflix. If you are a subscriber wishing to watch videos on your device, this official one is a must. You can enjoy it on iOS and Android, with the same functionality. It can be downloaded on app markets or by direct links from the Netflix website.


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store