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Microsoft Teams is the service for teamwork supported by Microsoft. It forms a cloud-based workspace where you can collaborate and communicate with colleagues and partners, store documents and necessary data, schedule meetings, hold conferences in real time, and so on. Installed on a phone or tablet, Microsoft Teams keeps you in touch with your work constantly.

Passing Papers Through Half a World

Teams is a tool for working together on certain projects. To start one, you need to invite other participants through Teams (they should have a Microsoft 365 account) and share the documents you will need throughout the work. Then the service provides all the necessary routine. The project panel lets you organize folders and documents, spreadsheets and schedules, set reminders and deadlines for particular jobs, add contacts and links to shared spaces, and even make payments and order digital and physical goods for the project.  

You can start a conference together with the team or make personal calls and send messages to other users. If you schedule a meeting in a built-in calendar, everyone will be notified about the event. The service lets you save the most important files in a safe where they are especially well protected from both leaks and corrupting.  

As the app is connected to your Microsoft 365 account, through it you can reach your data from OneDrive – that is, Office documents, OneNote notebooks, and so on. It also shows documents that other users shared with you, so you can view and edit them. These documents can be viewed right in Teams; if you want to edit them, Teams opens the necessary app. As for its calendar, it shows both your private and work schedules.

It’s not the app to install just in case. If you need Microsoft Teams, you will either be told by your boss or coworkers or will come to this decision yourself. Teams is strictly a working tool, priceless when you intend to use it, and of no accidental use if you don’t. Though the app itself is free, it’s of no use without collaborative projects you actually participate in.

A Remote Team is Still a Team

In the social distancing times, services for online collaboration are important like never before. Microsoft Teams requires quite a little (an MS 365 subscription), but it offers an entire platform for collaborating, with high-level security and privacy, and a comfortable workspace layout. It’s available for iOS and Android, for both tablets and phones.


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store