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The free Jade Logbook app is your loyal diabetes buddy. Track active insulin, blood sugar, bolus, basal, shots, food, carbs, weight, HbA1c and more. Effortless live Dexcom integration. Data is automatically synchronized to unlimited carers and your Health Care Team.

Jade calculates insulin doses, tracks active insulin to avoid stacking, and uniquely, warns of hypos hours ahead. It makes dose suggestions, reminds you of meals and basal insulin, and sounds alerts for predicted hypos and for hypo follow-up.

Jade makes diabetes safer today – during exercise, overnight and every day.

- Safest diabetes app in the world based on hypos avoided, dose improvements made and insights provided
- Winner of Stanford's 'DiabetesMine' Patient Voices competition


• Designed for type 1s and other insulin users (type 2, type 1.5 / LADA, gestational diabetes)
• A1C estimate
• Meal time reminders, Post-meal reminders, basal reminders: never forget to check and log
• Hypo warning and hypo retest reminders
• Quick and easy logging
• Insulin dose calculator / Logger
- multiple carb ratios and correction ratios
- multiple BG targets
- tracks active insulin / insulin on board in the same way as a pump
- delayed eating suggestions - lower your A1C
- factors for three levels of exercise, stress, sickness and pre-menstruation and more
• Hypo and BG prediction hours ahead
• Neat and clear graphs with ACTUAL blood glucose curves
- no straight-line charts that miss important highs
- helps to explain **expected** versus **unexpected** BGs
• Basal rates for pump users, and split dose logging
• Fully-featured reporting
• Multiple food databases and food estimation guide
• Time in Range / trends similar to CGMS but lower cost
• Live Health Care Team sharing
• Live syncing between multiple devices
• Tips for first-time users
• mmol/L or mg/dL blood glucose units
• Carbs in grams, portions, exchanges, BE, KE, CC
• Import CSV, Tab and XML data from 60 meters, pumps and CGMs
• Integrated safety warnings, coaching and guidance


Jade integrates LIVE fitness data from 40 wearables and trackers


See actionable coaching information within 6 hours. Remember to log BGLs, carbohydrate, insulin and exercise, and take note of coaching information. Touch the orange '?' coaching tips to see if your doses need adjustment. As your doses get better, predictions get better - try it for at least 14 days.


Jade is designed by people with diabetes, for people with diabetes. Our CTO has had 27 years with T1 diabetes, and in a previous life used an insulin pump for 12 months. Our Quality Manager has a child with T1 diabetes who was diagnosed at 2 years old, now 11.

We're always working to make Jade Logbook better, and we're counting on your feedback! Have a problem, criticism, question, suggestion, or praise? It’s all super important to us, and we'd love to hear from you.
Reach out to us at:

• jadediabetes.com
[email protected]
• twitter.com/jadediabetes
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store