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Simplify your healthcare experience with the free Intermountain Health Hub app. It offers many tools to help you manage your health from your mobile device.

My Health
My Health is a secure and easy way to keep track of your health history, providing access to your lab results, prescriptions, and vital health information. Exchange messages with your provider easily and quickly. Receive reminders about your care, such as getting your flu shot or coming in for a follow-up visit.

Find InstaCare urgent care walk-in clinics near you. Compare wait times by location and hold your place in line before you arrive. Also find KidsCare after-hours clinics and contact info for making appointments.

Connect Care
Connect with Intermountain clinicians when you're not feeling well 24/7/365 for $49/visit.

Refill prescriptions, get reminders when your prescriptions are ready, transfer prescriptions from non-Intermountain pharmacies, and more.

Find doctors by name, specialty, hospital, clinic, location, and many other options. Save doctors to your “favorites” for quick reference later.

Find Intermountain hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies near you or in other locations and save your favorites for quick reference later.

Bill Pay
Pay Intermountain Healthcare bills by credit card or eCheck.

Healthy Hikes
Find hikes near you based on things like region, hike distance, level of effort, elevation gain, trail usage, optimal season, hike name, and more.

Find out how active various germs are in your area and around the state, and see how their activity level is trending. Learn about symptoms, how germs are spread, treatments, vaccinations, and when you should contact your doctor.

Patient Education
Access custom patient education information from Intermountain Healthcare on various medical conditions and their associated causes, symptoms, treatment plans and procedures.


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store