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Houseparty is a new video calling application that’s created to let you get together with friends and relatives online fast and without limitations. You can create rooms, notify others, and invite particular people to join the conversation in a very simple way.  

The Most Informal Way to Talk


  • Probably the simplest interface – the UI of this app is surprisingly straightforward. If you think that Viber and WhatsApp are the simplest, you will see the difference immediately. Houseparty lets you enjoy inviting people to chat with you as there’s nothing that may distract you from communication.  
  • Face-to-face – every time you enter the app, all your friends get notified that you’re online and ready to talk, so you don’t even need to send invitations if you don’t know who you want to talk to at the moment. Due to this feature, anyone who’s ready to talk will join your room as soon as he or she sees the notification. You can do the same thing when you see notifications from your friends and relatives.  
  • Privacy respected – if you don’t want to talk to occasional people, you can disable automatic notifications and gather people to your rooms, using direct invitations. It an individual notification that’s visible only to the circle of chosen contacts. People can join the room one by one anytime they feel free to talk.  
  • Play games with your friends – Houseparty lets you play several games right while you are talking in the room. The best games in the current version are Chios and Guac, Head Up – Sound it Out, Heads Up – Karaoke Night, Heads Up – Family Style, Quick Draw, Trivia – General Knowledge, and Trivia – Finish the Song Lyric. Games may require in-app purchases for sessions, so check out your credit balance before you try to start playing.  


  • Chat room limitations – unfortunately, the chat room capacity is limited to 8 people. However, you can invite them all simultaneously and have fun for 120 minutes per session. There’s no paid version of the app, so it’s the only way to communicate via Houseparty so far.  
  • No file sharing – unlike instant messengers with calling features, Houseparty doesn’t let you send media messages and attach files from external sources. The app is focused on video conversations only.  

A Friendly Virtual House

Houseparty is an excellent way to get together with your friends and family. Here you can meet people occasionally or invite them to join your room on a particular time. The app combines elementary interface with unique features, such as multiplayer mobile gaming right in the chat room. We recommend the app to everyone who needs an informal virtual space for chatting with friends and family.  


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store