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Hello Neighbor is an indie horror experience by the young Russian studio, Dynamic Pixels, and tinyBuild. The game became extremely popular even before the initial release, and there are several reasons for that. First of all, it has a highly recognizable art style. It’s not just another dark horror with brown blood all over the walls. No. It’s a bright and colorful game with a surrealistic level design that makes you feel within a nightmare of a young child.  

You play for Nicky, a boy from an average suburban neighborhood who accidentally notices that something strange is going on in his neighbor’s house. It seems that the neighbor, Mr. Peterson, keeps someone in his basement! The brave boy decides to sneak inside to see everything with his own eyes, and things get really weird after each of his visits.  

Mr. Peterson looks like an ordinary middle-aged man, but he’s actually a villain who hides something under his house. The character is powered by an advanced AI. It can detect your trace and start defending the house with bear traps and other things. That’s why you should master stealth mechanics to sneak through the house unnoticed and solve all the puzzles to unveil the truth behind the scary personality of the neighbor.  

You will Believe Your Eyes

  • Surrealistic style – despite the game’s unusual visual style, you will soon start believing what you see due to high-quality work of light and shadow along with realistic first-person camerawork. The game is designed to make you feel yourself in the body of a small child, and it really does the job;
  • Mature quests – Hello Neighbor is a rather chamber experience with relatively small levels, but the quests make the game feel big and exciting. You will spend quite a lot of time trying to solve puzzles and looking for the keys from the basement. You must operate quietly. Otherwise Neighbor will catch you and who knows what he will do!  
  • Intriguing plot – the story behind the gameplay doesn’t seem to be like anything else in the genre. The neighbor isn’t a banal horror character who only seeks blood and gore. He’s a real human with a heavily injured psyche who looks for a way to resolve his grief but doesn’t seem to be able to get back to sanity again. It’s one of the most exciting psychological stories in horror games of the last decade.  

Are You Brave Enough?

Don’t get fooled by a cartoony style of this game. Hello Neighbor isn’t a franchise for faint-hearted! This game really knows how to scare you, but it’s also exciting enough to keep you moving on to unveil the truth and discover what had really happened to the Neighbor. You can start an investigation right now.  


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store