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Grand Theft Auto V is the latest installment in the famous third-person action-shooter series, GTA, by the British developer, Rockstar Games. The game was initially released for PS3 and Xbox 360 7 years ago, but it remains one of the biggest milestones for the company and the entire gaming industry.  

In this chapter, you are offered to take part in a jaw-breaking story that’s full of sparkling humor, breathtaking action, and pure plot suspense. You play Trevor, Michael, and Franklin. The first two are experienced crime authorities who quitted the business many years before the game starts. However, they decide to get back to their dirty deeds to raise cash, and Franklin joins them as a professional driver. As a result, the dream team takes on several huge missions and get involved in serious troubles.  

The world of GTA V presents an upgraded version of Los Santos. The city has changed a lot since the events of GTA: San Andreas, but it’s still incredibly charming. Moreover, developers endowed it with a new AI that modulates realistic behavior or citizens 24/7. You can travel around the map the whole day long, and you’ll never run out of exciting random encounters, powerful vehicles to steal, and convenient locations to start a shootout with the cops.  

Explosive Gameplay

  • Unlimited exploration – GTA V features the largest and most detailed map amongst all chapters of the game, which lets you explore it backwards and forwards in between the story missions.  
  • AI-powered environment – the environment of the game looks like a simulation of real-life California. People behave like you expect them to behave, while the day-night cycle and the wildlife make it even more diverse. No matter where you go, you will meet someone doing something natural and exciting. Sometimes, NPCs you encounter will go nuts and involve you in law-breaking events too!
  • Switch between characters anytime – you can choose which character you want to play anytime you’re not on a mission. When you take a task, and all the characters are involved in it too, you can also switch between them to achieve an advantage and complete mission goals proactively. It’s always important to protect one another to escape the mission alive.  

It’s Must-Play

No matter what activists say about the ultra-violent gameplay and crude humor in the game, it remains the most epic creation of Rockstar studios. The plot always holds you tight, makes you laugh out loud, and chooses between life and death when things get tough. The action is intense up to the last second, while the autonomous game world will keep you excited even when you finish the story mode. 


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store