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Garmin Connect is the official mobile client of the premium smartwatch manufacturer for Kansas, Garmin. The app lets you interconnect your smartwatch or fitness tracker with your smartphone and unleash its full potential along with multiple extra features for your sports activities and health routines.

Ultimate Control


  • Compatible with all Garmin wearables – this app works with all the latest smartwatch and fitness tracker models by Garmin, including Fenix, Venu, Instinct, Tactix, Forerunner, MARQ, and others. The app supports all the series of smartwatch so you won’t have compatibility problems even if you are going to use your smartwatch for several years.
  • Premium support – it’s no secret that Garmin devices are rather expensive. However, they’re not overpriced. The app lets you obtain the premium feel from interacting with your wearables anywhere you go.
  • Full sports health control – the app lets you supervise your heart rate, calories burnt, time spent on the go, and total distance over the requested period. The GPS tracker lets the app build your daily routes on the interactive Google map. No matter what sports you do, the app will help you schedule and log your activities on autopilot.
  • Hydration control – in the app, you can set hydration goals and keep track of the water you drink during the day. Using quick controls, you can add increments of 8, 16, and 24 oz in a single tap.
  • Stress tracking – using the information from your smartwatch, the app can analyze your nerve system state in real time and create daily stress reports. We recommend you review them regularly to understand whether you need to change your routines or keep it up. You shouldn’t avoid stress completely, though!
  • Women health helper – Garmin Connect is a convenient journal for logging menstrual cycles and records your symptoms and other notes on the calendar. Later, you can use your records to provide your doctor with comprehensive information about your period and help him or her to come up with appropriate therapy if any issues take place.


  • Connectivity issues – the app has a bad habit of going into the sleeping mode and disconnect from your wearable device. The flaw travels from update to update but sometimes disappears for months, making the app a pleasure to use again.

Simply Premium

Garmin keeps holding the quality bar very high and offers excellent mobile assistant at no price. This app is a must-have for all owners of Garmin wearables who want to obtain control over the full functionary of their devices. The app is currently one of the most advanced in the category of health and fitness apps.


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store