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Gacha Life is an anime-culture-inspired avatar creator game that has evolved into a large virtual universe. Here you can become anyone and anything you want and represent your self with a detailed avatar that matches your personal traits or shows your secret identity. The character editor of Gacha Life includes one of the largest libraries of costumes, accessories, make-up styles, hairstyles, and many other attributes. You can wear them in any combination to make your avatar look like you, or your favorite anime character.  

When you’re satisfied with your avatar, head on to play loads of fun mini-games! This way, you can unlock even more content and achieve more opportunities for progress. If you don’t feel like completing game missions, we recommend you explore the Gacha Life universe. It consists of numerous locations inhabited with NPCs. You can talk to each of them, have fun together, make friends, celebrate holidays, and many more.  

In the studio mode, you can create your own scenes featuring custom characters. Here you can recreate your favorite anime episodes and tell your own stories. The Skit Maker mode lets you combine multiple scenes and play almost any scenario that comes into your head and create a short anime of your own!  

To Infinity and Beyond

  • Gacha Life features a large offline Life Mode in which you can explore all the locations and chat with NPCs anywhere you go;
  • You can play 8 mini-games and win up to 100 gifts for your in-game collection. The games are free to play and allow unlimited farming for gems;
  • The studio mode is a great opportunity to start your own sketch series and share the fun with your anime-obsessed friends and followers in social networks;
  • The dressing room lets you create and customize up to 20 characters and use them to explore the world for unlimited hours;
  • The game frequently updates so that you don’t run out of content even if you’re an avid everyday player.  

Gacha Life is currently the largest offline game in the genre. There’s so much unique content that you may spend months exploring it, and you won’t feel like it’s running out. Big and small updates keep coming every now and then, making the world of Gacha even larger. Unfortunately, there’s no way to interact with life players as the game is designed only for offline gameplay.  

Let’s Have Fun!

Gacha Life is waiting for you to embark on the largest kawai mobile journey in your life. In this game, you have full freedom of action and loads of inspiration coming from everywhere. If you still want more content like this, take a look at other games by Lunime, the developer of Gacha Life.  


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store