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Our Service

We offer you the app promotion service that will help you reach all the listed goals. Compare the service packages and select your own for getting the needed results.


We take pride in working tirelessly to create a fitness environment where everyone can find their great. And through Core, we can go even further.

- Advanced Workouts – Track every workout in a single click, follow a workout plan prescribed by our experts or for more experienced gym-goers build your own workout plan.

- Bio Age – How fit are you? Record your muscle age, cardio age, metabolic age and see how you stack up against your peers with an overall Bio Age! Visual your results on the go in the core app.

- eGym Account - Create a holistic wellness account with eGym and use the latest innovations in the core app with some of the best fitness features available in the app today!

- Apple Health Integration - You can now connect your Apple devices to CORE in order to track your progress.

- Class Bookings – Never miss a class again. Book all your favourite classes from anywhere.

- Scan In – Never worry about forgetting your card, simply scan the app instead.

- Challenges – Need motivation? Take one of the core challenges, then commit to achieving it.

- Connected devices – Sync your activity tracker or heart rate monitor to your core app during your workouts.

- Shop - Core makes it even easier to find the best deals and shop online for the latest and greatest kit.


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store