Zoom Might Owe You a $25 Pay-Out

  • Sam Delton
  • 06 Dec 2021
Zoom Might Owe You a $25 Pay-Out

Zoom users can obtain monetary compensation related to the settlement of a class action claim alleging that the company violated confidentiality laws and exposed its users' data. As a result, Zoom, one of the most widely used video conferencing systems, decided to pay compensation of $85 million. However, it denies all of the accusations.

Who Can Get It?

Users may get compensation of $25 if they prove that the company has compromised their security and confidentiality. You can claim payment on the condition that you have paid your subscription to Zoom Meetings from the end of March 2016 to the end of July 2021. The payment terms include the possibility to receive $25 or 15 percent of the value of the signed subscription.

If you did not purchase a subscription to the Zoom Meeting app but interacted with the app at the same time frame period, then you can receive a $15 payment. The terms of the settlement do not include the use of a government account or enterprise-level account. Depending on the price of your subscription, you can choose the most profitable option in terms of compensation.

Don’t Miss Your Chance

To successfully receive payment, you should file claims before the deadline on March 5 of the following year. You can fill in a specific form for your claim and send it online or by mail. Also, depending on the number of requests from the affected users, the sum of payments might differ from the claimed one. 

The settlement was made in response to allegations by a group of users that the app shared personal information with third parties. The company corrected its encryption to ensure the security of personal data. What do you think about this law case? Have you been affected by the security issues in Zoom? Leave your comments in the section below and share the article with your friend and family if you liked it!