YouTube Brings Continue Watching Tool to the Web

  • Sam Delton
  • 04 Oct 2021
YouTube Brings Continue Watching Tool to the Web

Although YouTube has not officially made a statement on the “Continue Watching” service, the new feature is expected to recommence videos that were played on the phone. The new report made by 9to5Google says that this new option will be useful for anyone who wants to continue enjoying the video from the phone on the laptop. The action will be transmitted via the Miniplayer.

The common problem on YouTube is that you can’t keep up with the video you were watching on your Android or iOS phone once you open the Web. According to a recent report, YouTube is fixing the problem. If you want to start the video where you left it on your phone, you will have to tap it in the lower right corner. You will see there is a text “Continue Watching” under the name of the video. It will be opened in the Miniplayer, which you may have been familiar with since 2018. This service also allows users to watch podcasts and clips in the small window while browsing YouTube.

Click on the small window with the video in the right bottom corner to continue watching it on the Web. Double click inside the video reveals it in full size. According to the new information, this service will be available for Android TV as well. However, to be able to open the video, you will have to stay logged in to your Google Account on both devices. Syncing will be enabled automatically. 

Meanwhile, the report was not confirmed by YouTube. The company did not make any statements based on the leaked information. For now, you can enjoy the ability to download your favorite videos on the desktop. To be able to do it, you need to be a Premium user.

Do you want to try a new function? How often do you need to continue watching videos on your desktop? Will the new tool be helpful to you? You can share your opinion in the comments below.