Uber Will Add New Safety Features

  • Sam Delton
  • 08 Dec 2021
Uber Will Add New Safety Features

Uber announced new features which many will find useful in daily life. The updates are aimed to increase the safety of drivers and riders during the driving process. For example, an audio reminder will help you remember to check your safety while driving. Moreover, you will be able to track unexpected changes on the road and more.

New Features Are Coming

According to a company spokesperson, a new seat belt feature will be added later in December for some users in testing mode. The function will be available all over the world in the coming year. Also, the audio recording feature will be launched in the United States starting next week. App users will be able to record sound during a trip, which will be announced at the start of the ride.

Next Thursday, the RideCheck feature will boost Uber functionality for all its users. This function allows you to track accidents or stoppages during a ride using GPS data. The updated feature will detect unexpected stops that might occur before the destination. It also makes it possible to track when a driver loses their course. This increases the safety of a driver and passengers and protects them against unexpected risks.

Uber Faced Heavy Criticism

Many women from several states of the United States have filed suit against the company for negligent treatment of passengers. Many of the cases involve assault and sexual harassment by Uber drivers. Multiple complaints also seek to accuse Uber of inaction and denial of company involvement. According to California law, Uber is obliged to ensure the safety of passengers since it is classified as a transportation company.

Adding new features and improving RideCheck might be Uber’s attempt to distract users from multiple lawsuits. What do you think about these upcoming updates? Feel free to leave your thoughts below and share the article if you liked it!