Telegram and Signal Are Going Through Huge Install Rates

  • Sam Delton
  • 30 Mar 2022
Telegram and Signal Are Going Through Huge Install Rates

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in late February of this year, the installation rate of apps ensuring the encryption of the messaging had a huge jump. Both Telegram and Signal have noted downloads rise from Ukrainian users as more people want to be connected to their friends and relatives. Being sure of your online safety is a big part of sharing information on the Internet.

The overall graphs have jumped to 197% in installs. These numbers are hard to believe, but companies expect that they might rise even more. Collectively downloads reached 1.7 between February and March, and that definitely overthrows the 573k in January.

On the other end, installs in Russia have also raised by 33% reaching 3.2 million. Telegram has benefited from downloads in both countries. However, the popularity of Signal has seen much more attention. The growth has reached 1,075%. Most downloads came from Ukraine, counting to 2 million in just 25 days. 

Finally, installs in Ukraine brought Telegram 89% growth and currently have 30.7 million in total. The desire of people to stay connected has shown over the last few days, and the Internet plays a major part in the spread of important information. Many users are staying updated through various telegram channels that announce governmental decisions.

The daily activity of the users also surged in growth: it is now 184% for Signal in Ukraine and around 81% for Russia. People follow the news feed meticulously to stay in touch with all of the current events. Many are afraid to miss an important piece of information that can be crucial in the online war. Unfortunately, some channels profited from the spread of misinformation.

Do you often use Telegram? What other apps with good encryptions do you know? Please, share your opinion in the comments below.