Stranger of Paradise – an Absurd Yet Awesome Final Fantasy Game

  • Sam Delton
  • 21 Mar 2022
Stranger of Paradise – an Absurd Yet Awesome Final Fantasy Game

You can always rely on Team Ninja to create an amazing game whether it’s a brutal Souls-like slasher Nioh or yet another Dead Or Alive masterpiece. However, Stranger of Paradise is something else entirely. It is a bizarre game where you play as an extravagant protagonist named Jack.

Unlike other Final Fantasy games, Stranger of Paradise doesn’t feature turn-based or even semi-turn-based combat. Instead, you’re going to rely on your own reaction time when facing all the extremely challenging bosses this game has to offer. Its gory, dark aesthetic is both captivating and surprising since it is not something fans of Final Fantasy are used to. All of this, combined with absurd characters and an engaging story, make for an exciting playthrough.

The combat of the game is more forgiving since your movements are not limited by your stamina, so you can swing your sword and dash as much as you want. Also, the game introduces a ‘Soul Shield’ which allows you to counter various attacks without having a god-like reaction time. Additionally, you will have 5 potions that you can replenish by using ‘touch cubes’ that work as checkpoints.

When playing Stranger of Paradise, you’ll be battling bosses that are both glorious and enormous. A six-headed dragon, a zombie dragon, and an elemental god are just some of the bosses that you’re going to face. Beating those bosses is going to be quite a challenge, but thanks to the conveniently placed cubes next to their lairs, you can easily try over and over again. Also, if you fail to kill a boss, you’ll be given tips on how to do better next time.

Are you a fan of Final Fantasy games? Do you find that Stranger of Paradise is harder or easier than the Dark Souls franchise? Tell us what you think in the comments below.