Pestle App Makes Cooking Easy: Share the Experience with Friends

  • Sam Delton
  • 26 Jan 2022
Pestle App Makes Cooking Easy: Share the Experience with Friends

Pestle – the latest addition in the recipe and cooking app category for iPhones and iPads – is taking the world by storm. This mouthwatering app by an Indie developer named Will Bishop, aged 19, is so much more than just a nice place to store and manage all your favorite cooking recipes. It is also your meal-planning, cooking, and grocery shopping assistant, as well as a fantastic tool for enjoying a remote synchronized cooking session with anyone in the world over FaceTime with SharePlay support. 

Pestle enables importing a recipe to its cookbook from anywhere in the iOS share sheets. Once added, the recipe will be checked for ingredients, instructions, nutritional facts, and others. After that, Pestle turns your chosen recipe into a step-by-step cooking guide and even allows setting multiple timers to remind you about what ingredients and quantities you need to add next.

One of Pestle's best features is that you can use voice commands to move back and forth between recipe steps. It is much help when you are cooking and do not wish to touch your iPhone or iPad screen with messy hands. Pestle might even increase and decrease the recipe size, adjusting it to fit the new desired number of portions you are making. Finally, the built-in unit conversion support will help you switch between the metric and imperial systems quickly and easily.

Pestle can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for free, but it has in-app purchases, such as a $4.99 Pestle Pro lifetime membership. All current purchases within the app are expected to go up in price in February when this limited-time launch special period is over. 

Have you tried cooking anything with Pestle yet? What other cooking apps do you trust? Leave your feedback in the comments, and feel free to share this post with your friends!