Meta Offers Horizon Home VR Meeting Space

  • Sam Delton
  • 22 Jun 2022
Meta Offers Horizon Home VR Meeting Space

The new feature will be available for all the Quest users. You can explore the metaverse and entertain your family and friends within the advanced location. You don’t have to gather offline to be able to enjoy conversation and view each other’s virtual avatars.

Meta has released its new feature that simplifies the organization of virtual gatherings. Apart from that, users will be able to join any virtual party in no time. The company is launching the Horizon Home for users of the Quest platform. The official press release came out this week. This software is a space for virtual meetings and tools that allow users from different platforms to meet each other.

The new service helps users invite each other and hang out in the virtual place they call “home.” It is the first place you see when you wear the headset of Quest. You don’t even need to go through numerous locations and search for your friends. The place is customizable and it always has been there ready for the changes. Yet, now you don’t need to be alone there.
Apart from quick access, this feature is also supported by Oculus TV. It means that you can’t watch anything but this streaming service. There will be no Hulu and Netflix. Yet, big companies like Netflix continue to boast their Quest apps with numerous possibilities for users. Meanwhile, Oculus TV has different benefits you will enjoy. For example, it provides shared VR experiences like going to the International Space Station and hanging out there. You can also try the bird’s eye view of numerous attractions, including the work of a professional climber. Oculus says they are going to provide more features for their users with time.

Do you want to check out new possibilities in the Horizon Home? What is your favorite place to hang out there? Express your opinion in the comments below.