LinkedIn is Testing New Scheduling Option

  • Sam Delton
  • 12 Sep 2022
LinkedIn is Testing New Scheduling Option

The advanced scheduling option is in progress for native posts on LinkedIn. The company is trying hard to keep the audience interested by providing users with more features. This one will help to get in charge of your own presence on the platform. The scheduling option will be in-stream and native.

The app researcher Nima Owji has shared the first screenshots from the platform. They already contain the small button with the clock icon on it, near the Post button. It might help users to plan the time for the post to be revealed. You will find it in the composer of the post section, in the right lower corner. While you can easily schedule the posts from LinkedIn via third-party apps, this new feature will ease your life. It will be native, and more reliable, and you would not need to download any other apps specifically.

The new feature will let you check out the post you are planning to release at a particular time. You will be able to fix and edit its outlook. Apparently, it will also contain guidance for users who want to experiment with the scheduling. It may provide even more tools and help you with post types, as many other integrated tools do.

LinkedIn officials do not rush with revealing more information about the upcoming feature. They say that the new post scheduling that will be native on the platform is in progress for now. It will be available for members of the LinkedIn community and pages in the future. The company will add more updates once the service will get through the trials. However, we have already seen the button, which means that beta testers are busy with checking out the new feature and searching for bugs. This feature might be helpful for active users of the platform.

What do you think about the native scheduling feature on LinkedIn? How often do you post anything on the platform? Express your thoughts in the comments below.