Instagram Top 9: Relive the Best Posts of Your 2021

  • Sam Delton
  • 30 Dec 2021
Instagram Top 9: Relive the Best Posts of Your 2021

Among all the moments of the year that’s come to an end, there are highlights you’d like to recollect before it ends. Top 9 is the way to fit several moments onto one picture and share it or keep it for yourself. If you want to join the #topnine movement this year on Instagram, this is how it’s done.

Why nine, and not ten or eleven? It’s logical: nine is the number that fits in an Instagram square best: three times three. This collage is easily made, photos don’t overlap, and their size is large enough to be clearly seen. That’s why third-party apps seduce you with a possibility to equally make collages of nine pics.

This is how it’s done with Top Nine: for Instagram app by Bench s.r.o. This app is quite similar to others, so if you get another app with the “Top 9” and “Instagram” in the title, the procedure will be almost the same.

1.       Install the app on your iPhone (there is no Android or even iPad version)

2.       Enter your Instagram/Facebook credentials and allow access when prompted

3.       Choose the year for which you want to make your Top 9 collage and press it

4.       Enter your profile name (in case you have more than one profile)

5.       Wait for a second or two until the app generates the collage

6.       Share the collage to your Instagram feed or story

7.       Share it elsewhere or save it to your gallery

The free version of the app, though, has some limitations. You can only generate the Top 9 for the recent year, not previous years or all the time. The app will show you ads between the steps. Finally, the result will have a watermark positioned so you cannot remove it in a pic editor. Paying for a premium solves all these problems. But, frankly speaking, do you often do this retrospection? And do you mind advertising a good app? If not, the free version does the job.

Have you already done your Instagram Top 9 in 2021? Did it help you with your New Year resolutions or conscious retrospection? Were the selected posts expected for you, or was there any surprise? Let’s share our impressions here in the comments!