Instagram May Soon Allow Renovating its Profile Pages Using Edit Grid Feature

  • Sam Delton
  • 14 Jan 2022
Instagram May Soon Allow Renovating its Profile Pages Using Edit Grid Feature

Instagram is one of the most popular apps in the world and is constantly trying to improve the user’s experience. The app is so good that its owner Meta has been planning to add a “Take a Break” feature to help users tear their eyes away from their phones once in a while.

Recently, it became known that this was not the only new feature they have been working on. If you are one of the people who always wanted to be able to rearrange posts in your profile, you might be in luck!

Alessandro Paluzzi, a well-known app developer/leaker, was able to find hidden features within Instagram’s code. He has shared screenshots that clearly show that a new feature will allow users to change the order of their pictures on their profile page. At the moment, pictures are always shown in chronological order and there is no way to change that.

This feature is especially handy when you’re trying to create one larger image in your profile using several small ones. In the past, if you got the order of the small images wrong, you’d have to start all over again to get the order right. But if this new feature will be added, then changing the order of images will be extremely easy.

According to screenshots, this new feature can be accessed by going to the Edit Profile settings and will be called “Edit Grid”. After tapping on it, you will be able to drag and drop images in your profile to change their order. Once you are finished with the changes, you can tap “Done” to save the changes that you’ve made.

At the moment, this feature is still in development and there wasn’t an official announcement about its appearance. Hopefully, we’ll see this feature sooner rather than later.

Are you excited to use the new Edit Grid feature? Have you ever created larger images in your profile using several smaller ones? Tell us what you think in the comment section.