Fall Guys to Receive a Native version for PlayStation 5 soon

  • Sam Delton
  • 06 Jan 2022
Fall Guys to Receive a Native version for PlayStation 5 soon

As popular as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is, it’s still not released for the number one console of 2022. Lucky owners of PlayStation 5 are putting up with playing the compatible PS4 version. But it may change sooner than we expect, as the native version for PS5 is already being developed. At least, the hints we get point directly at this.

The source of these suggestions is a Twitter account @PlayStationSize that specializes in finding more information about upcoming games for PlayStation. According to its tweet, in an internal database of games coming to PlayStation 5 one could find a beta version of Fall Guys. And this means it’s already underway.

What does it mean for those happy with the next-gen consoles? First of all, it’s better performance The much better hardware of PS5 will grant that the game runs smoother. Second, it’s up to 120 FPS, which can result in better results and a better picture on displays that support it. Finally, it can be less buggy (though even the PS4 version has no mass issues with this).

The exact release date is not known yet. More than that, hardly will there be any public beta testing. It looks like Mediatonic has already created its pool of testers and conducts all the works with as little publicity as possible – maybe to avoid grand expectations and grand disappointments.

It seems even more palatable as we note that versions for Xbox a series S/X and Nintendo Switch are also in the works but without much ado. Are you already counting days till Fall Guys hits the next gen? Have you played it in PS5, and how did it perform? Share your experience and leave us a comment if you wish