Facebook Tests More Group Features

  • Sam Delton
  • 05 Jul 2022
Facebook Tests More Group Features

There are new features coming on Facebook. There will be Discord-like audio channels added. According to the sources, the new features are currently in testing.

Facebook is trying to beat its competitors on the market. To do this, it significantly extends the number of features for the users. Now, the company’s developers are busy with the more services they can add to Groups. Among these projects is the simplified way to access the favorite group, chat, feed channels, and audio. Moreover, admins of each group on Facebook will be able to create specific channels that allow users to connect with each other in smaller groups. Communities will receive more benefits and more opportunities.

Apart from that, Facebook will provide audio channels for communities similar to Discord. Admins, as well as the group members, will be able to take part in the audio conversations. They will happen in real-time, and you will be able to join in or go out anytime you want it.

The company is currently testing this sidebar with all the features. Users will receive the ability to find the groups they want via the improved sidebar. It will list all the groups you like and their recent activities, so you would not miss any posts you are interested in. You will be able to pin all the groups you want to see in your feedback and those you still want to discover. Apart from that, Facebook simplifies the way you can create a group by yourself.

As for the audio channels inside the groups, it will work similarly to the voice chats you see on Discord. Admins may start the conversation and welcome everyone. There will be a place for all group members and those curious about the conversation.

Are you excited about new possibilities on Facebook? Do you want to try new audio channels? Express your thoughts in the comments below.