Facebook Presents Improved Overview of Its Verification System

  • Sam Delton
  • 05 Sep 2021
Facebook Presents Improved Overview of Its Verification System

Facebook rolls out its verification guidelines review for both Facebook and Instagram social networks. The company shared its work with users after Twitter updated the verification guidelines. Instagram has made the verification process easier for the audience, forcing Facebook to keep up with competitors.

All About the Fuss With Verification

Why does it matter for users who want to surf social media instead of reading boring data? Verification provided by Facebook is made to protect all users from scams. It improves safety online. This is the way for real account owners to prove that they are not hacked and their accounts are authentic. Eventually, this will help you to gain the trust of other users.

The problem may look small until you get scammed. During the last year, Twitter worked really hard to establish a new system that increases the safety of its users. The company points out that this is not their own endorsement. The same statement was released by Facebook as well. According to Facebook, the new guideline is the marker for trustable accounts based on the unique standard.

If you want to pass the verification process on Instagram or Facebook, you need:

  • to have an account that represents a real human being behind it, a registered official business or company;
  • the account must be unique and not to have copies. The information you publish there must not be copied as well;
  • you can’t verify several accounts. Only one page for one person with an exception for accounts in different languages;
  • accounts must be trustable, with real information about you, photo in profile, and from one post to as many as you want;
  • accounts must be highly searched by users or belong to a well-known person or brand.

No matter whether you are a popular influencer or an owner of a successful brand, you need to go through the verification process. The Facebook team may check your information if they believe it looks suspicious. Only verified accounts may be featured in the news sources on Facebook.