Effective Troubleshooting Tricks to Try When Your Amazon Echo Device is Acting Up

  • Sam Delton
  • 13 Oct 2021
Effective Troubleshooting Tricks to Try When Your Amazon Echo Device is Acting Up

If you feel like you and your beloved Alexa no longer understand each other, do not rush to reset the thing or replace your Amazon speaker altogether. These tips will help you find out what has gone wrong:

Amazon Echo issue #1: the lights are on even when you are not using the speaker.

If your smart speaker lights up when not actively being used, pay attention to which color is on:

  • spinning violet should alert you to problems with Wi-Fi setup
  • spinning orange indicates that the speaker is trying to connect to the network
  • solid red means that the mic is off, and Alexa cannot hear you.

Amazon Echo issue #2: Your Amazon Echo device keeps discontinuing music.

The issue is most likely to do with the Wi-Fi connection. Unplugging the speaker from the outlet and rebooting your router device for 20 seconds can help. To avoid similar trouble in the future, make sure to use your router’s 5 GHz channel and keep the speaker at a distance from microwaves, monitors, and anything else that can disrupt its signal.

Amazon Echo issue #3: It does not recognize voice commands.

Ask the speaker to repeat what it just heard to make sure you phrased the command right. Also, place the device in an open space where nothing too noisy can interfere with its ability to hear your voice.

Amazon Echo issue #4: Alexa activates by accident.

Alexa can be activated in response to TV commercials where its name is mentioned, especially if the device is positioned too closely to the TV set. If that happens, ask the speaker to tell you why it did so. Make it your habit to mute Alexa’s voice receiver for when the TV is on, and consider changing Alexa’s wake word to something less likely to come up accidentally.

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