Balenciaga Enters High-Fashion into Fortnite

  • Sam Delton
  • 21 Sep 2021
Balenciaga Enters High-Fashion into Fortnite

Epic Games announced that Fortnite is getting new cosmetics inspired by Balenciaga’s iconic collections on September 20. Now players will be able to express themselves with four brand-new outfits, emotions, and other items. The ‘Balenciaga Fit Set’ update includes a live ‘Fortography’ campaign and a set of free Sprays. The companies are also collaborating on the Strange Times Featured Hub updated throughout the week.

Fashion Takes Over the World of Fortnite

This line of skins was created from the archival looks of the luxury Spanish brand, but with an exciting twist in this update. Along with the launch of digital clothing, the Fashion House is working with Fortnight to introduce you to a line of real-life clothing for you to purchase. 

You can get a real-world interpretation of the digital white hoodie with the game's logo for the unbelievable $725. The new collection of this collaboration will be available all over the world. The desired items are exclusively available in select Balenciaga stores and on the official Balenciaga website.

Digital Shopping for Players

Fortnite x Balenciaga Collaboration screenshot

A spokesman from Epic Games revealed to Polygon how much each cosmetics for four fan-favorite characters cost. For example, the Shady Doggo skin in a white brand's hoodie will cost a player 1200 V-Bucks. That's about $8, which is clearly less than the price of a real hoodie. Other items range in price from 400 to 1500 V-Bucks. 

Fortnite also presents the Strange Times Featured Hub, at the center of which there is the Balenciaga retail store. The store's design was developed according to the locations of the real Balenciaga stores. In the process of exploring outfits within the store, you will be able to experience a live ‘Fortography’ campaign.

The partnership between brands and games is increasingly becoming more popular. The physical format in pair with the digital one will likely become more common, which will take brands to the next level. What do you think of this mod update? Feel free to leave your comments below, and don't forget to share the article.