Apple Maps Introduces Google-Inspired Reports

  • Sam Delton
  • 28 Aug 2021
Apple Maps Introduces Google-Inspired Reports

Apple Maps has been trying to compete with Google Maps for a very long time. But did the tech giant get closer to its rival? The good news is that the Apple Maps app has improved notably, and the latest rating and review update proves that. Let’s see what Apple’s navigation app offers now. 

Why Not Borrow?

Some of the improvements for Apple Maps are borrowed from rival products. The recent update includes the new ratings and reviews that work similarly to the same features in Google Maps. The updated feature replaces the integrated ratings from Yelp with a native system powered by iOS, macOS, and iPadOS users. Now they can post their reviews and ratings for any location without the help of third-party services. 

The same option has been already well-tested by Google, so the chances it retains more Apple Maps users are quite high. If Apple users feel like using more or less the same navigation service, they are less likely to go to the App Store and download Google Maps. However, it’s not clear when active users will fill the maps with enough useful data. The feature itself doesn’t improve the experience as it’s the users who generate the database. Moreover, the feature is rolling out in a very lazy manner and only in the US. 

Let’s Borrow More!

Another great borrowed feature that’s making its way to Apple Maps is incident reporting. The developer copied the feature from Waze to let users mark accidents and speed traps to warn others. Again, the feature is available only for a small number of users in the US. 

Doubtful Success

Although most of Apple’s attempts to copy services and products are successful, the tech giant can’t beat every rival. It will probably take years for Apple Maps to become a worthy alternative to Google Maps as it requires too much work to beat the #1 navigation service in the world. How do you see Apple’s chances to succeed? Let’s chat in the comments. Share the piece to invite your friends to the discussion.